Chakren Aufladen - Full Chakra Recharge by Shai Tubali

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Enter a 7 weeks intensive physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual process in which the activity of your seven Chakra is enhanced.

What is Chakra Recharge?

A Chakra recharge is a physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual process in which the activity of a specific Chakra is enhanced.

When a Chakra is only minimally active, we are exposed to mental and emotional turbulence and psychosomatic disorders.

When a Chakra is optimally active, a balance is restored not only in the specific Chakra but in the entire body and mind. As a result, we feel much more power and confidence to return to life and embrace it.

The seven Chakras bring you into

Inner Stability

Unconditional joy of life, passion and vitality

Inner power and willpower

Emotional abundance and love

Vision and the power to fulfill it

Clarity and knowing

Contact to the universe and liberation

"A very gentle, caring and loving journey in our search for fulfilment, wholeness and meaning of Life which eventually leads back to ourselves. A tremendously precious and gratifying gift for all those who let themselves be invite into this journey."


"Shai has an incomparable way to share complex subjects, that we cannot grasp with the mind but only with the heart. The fact that I identified in so many layers and levels made the listening a great joy to me. As far as I can say I profited a lot from this challenge. Thank you!"


"Thank you for this 21-Day-Challenge! After a stroke of faith it brought order, calmness and love back into my emotions and feelings, and made me feel my „under emotions shaken“ connections to my deep and innermost self. I clearly feel my sensibility and origin again. I have closed myself from years from this inner knowing, maybe only to experience now this gift of awakening."


Every step on the way will include practices both internal and ones that actively engage us more in our own life; guided meditations and visualizations. Through emotional and energetic force we will reach an empowerment from our own forces within.

​Recharge your seven Chakras
- in 7 powerful Modules

Wurzelchakra - erstes Chakra aufladen

A 1st Chakra recharge takes care of our whole foundation: making sure that our foundation is solid and stable enough so that we can live fearlessly and boldly face everything in our life.

When our foundation is weak, we try to escape life. But avoiding it only makes things worse: we only feel more fragile and vulnerable. It is as if we fear incarnation itself: entering the body and standing on our physical and emotional feet.

A 2nd Chakra recharge makes sure that we are connected with life’s sweetness. Of all the different tastes, the 2nd Chakra is the sweetness that fills our mouth when we sip life’s nectar - through enjoyment, pleasure, beauty, and sensuality. When we open widely our senses, awaken our feeling center, and fall into the now, life as vibrant vitality can stream into us.

A 2nd Chakra recharge is the appreciation of life - life is beautiful, despite all difficulties and challenges.

Chakra Activation - Introduction
Chakra Activation - Introduction

A 3rd Chakra recharge harmonizes your willpower that often gets twisted in its expression in the world and relationships.

Possessing a sufficient willpower is a beautiful quality, yet willpower is meant for constructive things - for the fulfillment of the best self we could ever be. We are meant to master ourselves, not our surroundings and the world in general. Before we turn our frustrations towards the outer world, we should ask: have we perfected ourselves?

We are busy with being frustrated with the way the world outside us behaves because we are trying to avoid our real task: fulfilling our real potential.

A Heart Chakra recharge is meant to erase the accumulation of disappointments from the world and relationships, and make us able to reopen and love again - out of our own heart’s capacity.

Disappointments in relationships and with people around us are accumulated every day in the Heart Chakra. We want to trust, but then a certain behaviour, a word, a look, a reaction, all make us retract our heart back to its safely locked state. Then a wall of mistrust and suspicion is put between us and others, and we even don’t let new people enter.

Chakra Activation - Introduction

A fifth Chakra recharge is meant to re-tune our manifestation and clarify to ourselves what we wish to give voice to. 

Sometimes, we forget that we too are creators and manifestors in this reality. We imagine that we only respond to the flow of events and people, and begin to yearn for self-expression that is supposedly “oppressed” and suffocated by the strong currents of outer reality.

A sixth Chakra recharge is meant to reset the brain and mind after periods (usually always :-)) in which the mind falls into the habit of overthinking, forgetting its intelligent state: understanding out of listening.

The sixth Chakra becomes depleted when it is used wrongly - making a constant effort to
control everything through over-rationalization and contemplation: worrying, calculating,

Chakra Activation - Introduction

A seventh Chakra recharge is meant to reconnect us to the sense and experience that we
are spiritual beings who have a spiritual home - God’s infinite light.

The seventh Chakra becomes depleted when we fall into the habit of thinking that we are
earthly beings. Life’s circumstances and the sensory perception make us forget our
heavenly and spiritual nature. We feel dense as if we were the form we’re wearing.

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About Shai Tubali

Shai Tubali has guided thousands of people worldwide on the journey to their innermost in the last 18 years. Being in expert in spiritual transformation and self-development he emphasizes the importance of balancing and awakening of our seven centers of wisdom for true self-fulfillment and flourishment of the full human-potential.

"The entirely different perspective from on our PURE BEING, free of Dogmas and rituals, free of have to, should, otherwise…. is so liberating and inspiring. To place ourselves in freedom like this, is pure love. Thank you so much!"


"Shai speaks from his heart to our heart… in that way our heart receive ears… and we can listen from here … within this unity, within this vast mind, its possible to lose and find myself"


The loving guidance from the level of the person through the transpersonal field towards the SELF touched me a lot. A helping hand - yet fully open. Clearly focused and still so free."