Discover the power of tantric meditation as the ultimate answer to self-acceptance and spiritual realisation.


3 powerful guided meditation techniques from the world of Tantric Buddhism, according to Shai Tubali.


An Introduction to the Liberating Art of Deity Yoga.

Together we got a taste of the depth and transformative potential of “Deity Yoga”.

  • Deity Yoga has the potential to completely change our self-image and lead us to a direct experience of our deity nature.
  • Meditating on specific deities and their qualities will eventually awaken these qualities in us until we finally become one with them.
  • This makes it the ultimate answer to self-acceptance: if we are divine beings, what is there about us that we cannot accept?

If you would like to dive deeper into this practice and its transformative potential with Shai Tubali, this is an invitation to discover our the deity within together:

“The Deity Within You” – The Tantric Art of Being a God or a Goddess

A live Seminar with Shai Tubali 3. – 4. of July

 You will get:

  • A profound understanding of the principle of Deity Yoga and the final liberation from self-image and self-rejection.
  • Gradual processes of Deity Yoga, starting from the simplest to the more advanced practice.
  • Live seminar with intensive, transformative energy field and the opportunity to ask Shai questions
  • 12 months access to all Full-HD recordings and materials of the seminar in our online-campus


Philosopher and author Shai Tubali invites you in this seminar to the world of Deity yoga — one of the most important tantric Buddhist techniques, which leads to the highest tantric practices.

What is your first feeling when you hear that you are divinity itself? Shame? Confusion? Maybe you believe it is egotistical and arrogant to think of yourself in such terms.

Usually, this is what your mind tells you to feel. We tend to experience ourselves as highly limited beings that aspire to one day become divine or transcendent. Our minds were carefully conditioned over years of religious or cultural ideas and tend to think that it is humble to think of ourselves as struggling, small humans that can hope to have a glimpse of heavenly grace.

This is not so in tantra. In tantra, which is a faster path, we begin at the end: We visualize ourselves as if we were a fully enlightened Buddha; as if we are already gods and goddesses. In this way, there is no waiting, and the future is now.

Instead of feeling that we admire spiritual beings external to our own being, while we are still swimming in the muddy waters of the earth, we learn to identify with these beings in a way that makes us realize they are our very own selves.


This new online-live seminar with Shai Tubali takes place 3. – 4. Juli 2021.