The tantric path of Enlightenment


3 powerful guided meditation techniques from the world of Tantric Buddhism, according to Shai Tubali.

How bliss arises in tantric meditations and eventually leads to spiritual realisation

Together we were able to share a taste of the depth and transformative potential of tantric meditations.

  • Tantra is a unique spiritual approach that embraces life as a whole. It works deeply with the materials and energies we humans have and reveals their spiritual nature. Therefore, it is the most realistic and direct path to spiritual awakening.
  • Discover the 7 principles of tantric enlightenment and the complete system that ultimately leads to Mahamudra realisation, complete liberation.
  • The retreat is a life-changing invitation to dedicate this summer, 7 days at a time, to spiritual realisation and inner transformation.

If you would like to join Shai Tubali in going deeper into the full tantric experience and the tantric system that ultimately leads to Mahamudra realisation, complete liberation and, then you are cordially invited:

Tantric Union – The Experience of Tantric Enlightenment

The new summer retreat with Shai Tubali 17 – 24 August

 What you will getdu erhältst:

  • 7 days entirely dedicated to the direct, living experience of Tantra, as enlightenment through bliss and joy.

  • Talks and Satsangs on the Seven Principles of Tantric Enlightenment.

  • A selection of the most powerful tantric enlightenment techniques from the 6 Yogas of Naropa, such as Deity Yoga, inner fire meditation and clear light meditation.

  • Modern tantric techniques, such as the expansion method and alternating dynamic meditations

  • Daily hatha yoga to prepare the body for the energetic processes

  • For on-site participation: breathtaking Swiss nature and organic-vegan nutrition

  • For online participation: live-stream and 12 months access to all Full-HD recordings and materials in our online-campus


„Tantra is like riding a tiger – you harness all the forces of your current experience to attain ecstatic states of consciousness and ultimately the state of final liberation.“ – Shai Tubali


What does it feel like to look at the world through the lens of tantric eyes?

According to Shai Tubali, the tantric experience is the real spirituality for the 21st century, because it is an approach that does not avoid life, but works deeply with the materials that we have as human beings. Therefore, it is the most realistic and quick spiritual approach.

We will learn how to:

  • approach desire and will as positive energies.
  • Bless all the energies within us and work with them fearlessly and confidently.
  • Approach the body as the gateway to freedom.
  • perceive ourselves as gods and goddesses.
  • unite the masculine and feminine in us and achieve inner perfection.
  • work with desire in such a way that it can become bliss.

The retreat is a combination of the power of silence as the main practice, the extreme power of
Tantric Buddhist techniques and a comprehensive initiation into the world of Tantra. You are
invited to discover the seven principles of Tantric enlightenment and the entire Tantric
system that leads to Mahamudra realisation, ultimate union.


This new summer retreat with Shai Tubali will take place on 17-24 August 2021.