A weekend seminar with Shai Tubali in Berlin and Online

30. – 31. October 2021

Discover the tantric art of living – a complete flowering, out of joy and wholeness.

How alive are you in each moment? How connected do you feel to the unconditional joy, abundance and diversity of life?

Life is a creative explosion; an endless sea of joy. There is more fullness, vitality and life force in every single moment than we could ever grasp with our minds.

How can it be that we feel drained? That we look at life and ourselves with a bad mood and negatively?

Due to the conditioning of our mind, we automatically tend to focus on problems in everyday life – on what is missing and needs to be healed. As a result, we have lost contact with the actual wholeness and fullness of life.

Furthermore, we are often dependent on external circumstances and experiences to feel joy and happiness. Even then we often don’t dare to really feel and experience fully. Why is that? We believe that it is not proper and perhaps even that it is wrong or even dangerous to be too happy, to feel and experience too intensely. Through this conditioning we minimize our joy and thus hinder the free flow of life force. So it’s time for a new approach!

Within us the precious quality of inner joy is waiting. It is a kind of inner smile that is independent of changing external circumstances. If we follow this joy, it leads us to wholeness, fullness and finally to the experience of the oneness of all life.

You are invited to explore, with Shai Tubali, what it means to discover the source of true joy in every moment and to become a true lover of life.


The tantric approach offers you:

Diving into the inner source of joy

How we can get in touch with the source of joy and smiles in every moment.

The healing power of the smiling

How inner joy and smiling can be used to relieve pain and stuckness and transform negative emotions into chi or life force.

A direct way to activate our life energy

Instead of remaining in the perspective of lack and eternally trying to heal it – we learn to meet ourselves and life from a perspective of wholeness and fullness.

“When we are happy, we smile. But also when we smile, we are happy. Don’t wait for a smile to come up – smile deliberately, physically. Your mind and body cannot tell the difference, and they will respond with the same measure of healing, stress reduction, and inner broadening.”

~ Shai Tubali

What participants of programmes with Shai Tubali say:

“Shai has an incomparable way of communicating complex issues that we cannot grasp with the mind but only with the heart. The fact that I identified with so many layers and levels made listening a great pleasure for me. As far as I can tell, I benefited greatly from this challenge. Thank you very much!”

Andrea Gillert

“I thank you Shai and your whole team from the bottom of my heart for this path you have opened for us. You are just one step away from ease and you just don’t know it. I have learnt more in this challenge than in my whole life, the highest knowledge that every human being should have. I am happy to pass this knowledge on to those around me if they want it. I myself feel that I am getting calmer and calmer and that I AM and can just trust my life because now everything is always OK, no matter what happens. I have also started the Challenge again. It will now continue to accompany me and open up more and more aspects of my being. <3 THANK YOU; THANK YOU; THANK YOU <3 NAMASTE”.

Estefania G.

“Thank you for this 21-day challenge! It has brought order, peace and love back into my emotions and feelings after a stroke of fate and let me feel my “shaken under emotions” connections to my deepest and innermost self. I can clearly feel my sensitivity and my origin again. I have closed myself off from this inner knowing for years, perhaps only now to experience this gift of awakening.”

Sandra Pühringer

“A very gentle, caring and loving journey in search of fulfilment, wholeness and meaning in life that ultimately leads back to ourselves. An immensely precious and joyful gift for all who allow themselves to be invited on this journey.”


Through the unconditional love that Shai always transmits in his seminars, through his pure presence, through the hope, the explanations, I was able to embark on the spiritual path. I understand the deep meaning of his being.
I am infinitely grateful. I have the feeling of having been saved. I feel like a caterpillar and Shai has given me the nourishment I needed to become a beautiful butterfly. My heart is open and I feel, see, hear the love everywhere. Through his words the path continues for me as well and through that I touch other people again and the world starts to change. I notice this in my immediate surroundings”

Jeanett Schnoor

“Dear Shai, dear team, dear everyone,
I don’t know what to say. There are only tears running and in my heart there is a feeling of infinitely deep touch.
How long have I longed for this connection, how long has my heart cried out for this realisation. What a challenging journey….
It obviously takes some time for a deep insight to slowly grow.

I am everything. I contain everything. I am full of fullness and at the same time “emptiness”. This realisation has revealed itself today on a very incisive and deep level in my heart and I am sure that this realisation may now deepen even further.
I would like to thank you, the team and all of life from the bottom of my heart.
A special thank you for your clear and honest words, thank you for your endless efforts, your support and your endless love. As I listened to your words today, I realised the dedication and love with which you share the messages with the world. At that moment I felt no separation and it seemed as if only the One was speaking to itself.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful challenge and I wish you endless and liberating insights for the road ahead.
From my heart”

Nadia D.

How You can Participate

30. - 31. of July, live online broadcast

The seminar will take place live on the weekend of 30-31 July and will be broadcast online. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions throughout the process.


As a weekend seminar or self-study course

You can join us live at the weekend or immerse yourself in the teachings and exercises at your own pace over several weeks.

The journey is all about you

The journey is all about you. All lectures are created to take you step-by-step deeper into experiencing your true, divine nature.


After the seminar, the recordings are made available in our Online Campus. You can access them at any time and continue practising at your own pace.

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About Shai Tubali

Spiritual teacher, author, and philosopher, Shai is a prolific and renowned author with 23 published books to date. His bestselling books have been translated into five languages and have won awards in Israel and the United States. In his teaching, Shai combines Yogic knowledge and Eastern practices with the latest in Western science, psychology, and philosophy to create innovative transformative processes. Indeed, almost 20 years of in-depth study of Eastern thought and Yogic tradition have brought this trained Yogi up to a master level in utilizing the tools of spirituality to offer structure, deep insights, and methods for personal growth in all areas of life. Based on his own direct and ongoing revelation of cosmic consciousness since the age of 23, he is a pioneering figure in the field of self-transformation who has helped thousands of people to transform their lives in his many years of teaching around the world.

“The entirely different perspective from on our PURE BEING, free of Dogmas and rituals, free of have to, should, otherwise…. is so liberating and inspiring. To place ourselves in freedom like this, is pure love. Thank you so much!”

Elisabeth Lumina

“The loving guidance from the level of the person through the transpersonal field towards the SELF touched me a lot. A helping hand – yet fully open. Clearly focused and still so free.”

Michael Lindenberg

“Shai speaks from his heart to our heart … in this way our heart gets ears … and we can listen from here … in this oneness, in this vast spirit, it is possible to lose myself and to find myself.”

Katrin Cüppers