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​In ​the last years  there has been one central insight we learned about true self-fullfilment​...

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​You should know that:

1) ​Shai Tubali has guided thousands of people worldwide on the journey to their innermost in the last 18 years.

2) ​there is one overarching problem most spiritual seekers had in common when it comes to true self-fullfilment...

Ready? They didn't know:

We need to experience, awaken and integrate ALL layers of our being​..
​Let us tell you more...

​We often tend to perceive certain needs and aspects of our being as wrung or contradictory and suppress them...​

Indeed it is very natural to different needs and layers of perceiption inside us​.

We have seven essential  human centers  of  perception  and  experience.  In  the  yogic  philosophy,  those  sensory centers have been called “Chakras.”

Instead of suppressing certain layers of our being the complete and fulfilled perception of Life as one phenomenon includes all of these seven experiences at  ONCE.

An intellectual understanding of our human system can be helpful (that is why we created the ebook). But it is only one side of the coin. It is only the first step.

True self-fullfilment means to experience, balance and awaken all our human centers inside us.

The good news is that if you consciously focus on your seven chakras for a period of 21 days, you bring to life the most vital forces inside you.

We would love to tell you more about the 21 days challenge of full chakra activation with Shai that will start very soon ...