Your Heart


Discover your heart’s knowing beyond doubt. You no longer need to pretend that your are confident.

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Thursday, 27th of February 21:00 CET

Your Heart always knows what your mind forgets

Very often our brain gets overcrowded with doubts and mistrust. We then feel lost and confused, not sure anymore what is right and what is wrong. Of course, none of us can absolutely prevent any doubt or confusion, nor should we aspire to achieve such a perfect doubt-free state.

Sometimes it is essential to go through such “crises” of uncertainty in order to shift to the next phase. Nonetheless, even then, in our darkest moments, is it important to have an anchor of a solid, unbreakable knowing.

But what could we do? How do we reach at all a knowing in such states, when there are so many contradictory thoughts running around in our mind?

Here enters this secret power of the heart: Your Heart Wisdom

This is an invitation to unlock and activate this this secret power of your heart in a free webinar.

27th of Februar, 20:00 CET


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“I am very inspired by the presence of Shai and by his way of being. The love, clarity and the resting within oneself in a relaxed way. It is felt that Shai himself lives with an open heart.
Through him I learned that also experiences of pain are essential and that through them the heart can open up even more. Thank you for your precious work.”


“Shai has an incomparable way to share complex subjects, that we cannot grasp with the mind but only with the heart. The fact that I identified in so many layers and levels made the listening a great joy to me. As far as I can say I profited a lot from this challenge. Thank you!”


“Shai speaks from his heart to our heart… in that way our heart receive ears… and we can listen from here … within this unity, within this vast mind, its possible to lose and find myself”


Shai’s teachings on the heart are revolutionary. They reveal the heart as the true center of our being and a source of unbreakable power. And this has the potential to change everything in once life – for the good. Thank you for your heart-opening teachings!”

Carlos S.

“A very gentle, caring and loving journey in our search for fulfilment, wholeness and meaning of Life which eventually leads back to ourselves. A tremendously precious and gratifying gift for all those who let themselves be invited into this journey.” 


“Love is a power that can move mountains. It is not just some tender and vulnerable feeling inside us.”

– Shai Tubali

The webinar includes

  • a guided meditation
  • a talk about the wisdom of the heart
  • an introduction to the 7 secret powers of the heart
  • time for questions


The teachings of this webinar are based on the book “Unlocking the 7 Secret Powers of the Heart” by Shai Tubali

You will discover:


how to shift your perspective from the mind to the heart

Learn how to look at the world from your heart’s eyes with a simple guided meditation


how to activate your heart as a source of knowing

Discover your heart’s knowing beyond doubt. Live a meaningful life with trust and true confidence.

the other 6 secret powers of your heart

A Practical Guide to Living in Trust and Love


Thursday, the 27th of February,
21:00 CET 

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About Shai Tubali

An international speaker, author and spiritual teacher since 2000. Considered by many one of Europe’s leading experts and innovators in the field of the chakras and the subtle system. Currently based in Berlin, he tours Europe extensively and guides seminars and retreats in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, and Greece. Formerly the head of the Berlin holistic center Chiro-Yoga, he has now established the new international center Human Greatness: a model of a holistic way of life in light of the chakras, which also introduces the many therapeutic and meditative methods he has developed. His dream is is to turn this knowledge of integral life into alternative models of the school system. Shai has published 23 books in English, German and Hebrew, in spiritual non-fiction, prose and poetry. His latest book is Unlocking The 7 Secret Powers of the Heart.

About the Book:

Unlocking the 7 Secret Powers of the Heart: A Practical Guide to Living in Trust and Love

The heart is the source of the strongest and most unbreakable power within us. Singers, poets, and enlightened people all over the world have been telling us about the power of love for thousands of years. Our minds tend to see this as a romantic illusion with little to do with reality, and yet we still have a powerful desire deep down inside of us to become more connected to energy of our heart.

The heart is more often associated with vulnerability than hidden powers. We generally feel the need to protect our heart, building tall walls after experiences of emotional pain and hurt. This response is unconscious, and since the modern world teaches us to rely on the brain to guide our life and actions, many of us find it hard to connect to the power and skills within our own hearts.

The book “Unlocking the 7 Secret Powers of the Heart”, by Shai Tubali, will unveil this hidden truth and help the reader to discover how they can awaken their dormant heart powers. Making the switch from mind perception to heart-based perception is the first step on the road to exploring the seven skills.