Your Heart doesn’t learn – it remembers
Prelude to the evolution of the soul


The Evolution of the Soul

What happens when your heart begins to remember its origin? What happens when it reverses the direction of its attention to remember its source?

The soul is a very exciting phenomenon. Among other things it is seen as the link between human experience and divine reality. Thus it plays a central role in our developmental process and in the process of spiritual awakening.

In this unique two days seminar, you are invited to discover the secrets and powers of the soul as a key gateway to spiritual and psychological development, while being guided by the spiritual teacher, author and philosopher Shai Tubali.

In the seminar we will learn about the five main elements that are connected to the soul:

  • Remembrance – Knowing of the Soul
  • Past lives
  • Karma
  • Dharma
  • Liberation

The seminar takes place soon.

In Berlin or Online

10. – 11. October 2020.