The Breather –

guided meditation

Naropas Journey begins



“When the true nature of the mind is seen, all questions simply dissolve.”

– Naropa


Mahamudra: Discover the Reality of Spiritual Enlightenment.


Is there a direct path to Enlightenment?

The Winter Silence Retreat, which will also be an initiation into the new year and an alternative celebration of Christmas, will be fully dedicated to the complete understanding and experience of the Mahamudra – the highest teaching and practice of the Buddhist Kagyu lineage that started with the great master Tilopa and his known disciple Naropa.

 The Mahamudra is the final realization of the nature of the mind. It was conveyed in a beautiful yet mysterious long poem – the Ganges Mahamudra – that Tilopa transmitted to Naropa.

 We will also be supported by other powerful techniques from the world of Mahamudra: Inner Fire, Deity Yoga, the Illusory Body, and Clear Light.

The retreat will take place from 28.12.20 – 03.01.21.

So if you want to dive into the secrets of silence and spiritual enlightenment with Shai over the turn of the year, you are more than welcome!

Until 14.12. you can still join us for the Early Bird price.