Life Force



The School of Meditation


We have now met two powerful meditation approaches. One who led us into the silence. And today one that activates our inner source of power.

Meditation is considered the royal road to awakening.

Because true meditation awakens all levels of our being. It can solve any kind of blockage and bring our energy more and more into the flow.

Each level of consciousness that becomes alive and active within us brings with it its own challenges and learning experiences.

At times, it can be the most effective to sink into the big silence and just let everything happen. While sometimes much more important to work in a very direct way with certain issues. For example activating the lifeforce – what we did today – could be very helpful if what you need right now is more presence and inner strength.

You now learned this two possibilities.

There is a lot more waiting for you.

Right now you might have two questions left:

  1. How do I establish a deep practice that enables such profound transformations for me?
  2. What is there for levels of consciousness, and when is which practice best for me?

In the upcoming “School of Meditation”

We will practice together as a group – online or in Berlin -and go deeper, month by month. It’s incredibly motivating to go into such a journey with a group of like-minded people. And sharing and growing together.

And on the other hand – we will explore and get to know the different centers of consciousness and meditative states in depth.

We will become acquainted with the subtle, energetic processes and learn how to deal with and advise others in energetic crises. And of course we will learn different meditation techniques – and the knowledge of how each meditation can be used for another purpose.