Real-Life Meditation:

Chapter 1

The Power of Meditation in Challenging Times

by Shai Tubali


Real-Life Meditation

21 Meditations that can change your daily experience


This unique 21-days Challenge has been designed to transform your daily experience and to illuminate your simplest moments of everyday life.

It presents you with 21 powerful meditations, from different traditions and meditation schools, that are distinguished for their ability to accompany you throughout your day – also outside of the meditation cushion.

Starting your day with a beautiful guided meditation, you will then be able to carry on with these meditative keys to unlock the secrets of your presence and qualities of your true being at any given moment. Including moments of instability, crisis, and distress.

After 21 days of practice, you will have acquired the power to invoke meditative power at will and to respond to pressures and challenging situations from a state of wakeful presence.