Saturday – The Day of Wisdom

Developing the quality

of observation


Observation is a “feminine” sixth Chakra quality. It needs to be differentiated from pure awareness practices, since it is a form of intelligent learning; meaning, a practical quality in life. It is an intelligent looking without reaction. It is wakeful yet learns in an unusual passive way – by turning one’s full attention to something inside or outside us. What is so wondrous about this quality, which is essential for real learning, is that though it is feminine, it is also masculine. In fact, it includes many opposites: wakeful and silent, neutral and critical, distance and compassion, softness and discernment, lightness and intensity, feeling and cognition.
In observation there is no judgment yet it is full of intention: it is driven by the deepest wish to understand and to see into the heart of things, to perceive in the clearest, most uninterrupted and objective way. At the same time, it remains innocent because it just wants to learn. To develop this quality, we need to practice looking at facts, situations, people and ourselves without reaction, before making judgments. Exactly when we want to understand and know, we need to keep quiet.

Guided Meditation in 3 Steps

First stage: meeting the quality from within, physically and energetically

by Shai Tubali | The Day of Wisdom

Second stage: meeting the quality as a Master

by Shai Tubali | The Day of Wisdom

Third stage: applying observation to a daily life

by Shai Tubali | The Day of Wisdom