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The seven essential
 needs for a complete and healthy life

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Shai Tubali has guided thousands of people worldwide on the journey to their innermost in the last 18 years. Being an expert in spiritual transformation and self-development, he emphasizes the importance of balancing and awakening our seven centers of wisdom for true self-fulfillment and the flourishment of the full human potential.

"There is not only one way to experience life,
and intuitively we always feel that many other experiences of life are available, and we might, if we’re not connected to them, feel that we are missing out on the experience of a complete and fulfilling life for ourselves."

In this ebook you will learn:

  • What the 7 essential centers of human perception and experience are and what radical self-fulfillment means.
  • To understand the different forces and needs inside of you and to dissolve apparent inner contradictions.
  • How to awaken those 7 sensory centers that are called “chakras” in the yogic philosophy and how to unfold your highest human potential.
  • Discover your next steps toward unleashing your true potential.

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