Sunday – The Day of SPirit

Developing the quality

of impartiality


Impartiality is a “masculine” seventh Chakra quality. It is when we develop the capacity of equal vision towards both people and situations. For the most part, we respond constantly with ups and downs. Everything is either “good” or “bad” and we desperately wish for “good” things to happen. We go very high or collapse in our mood, because we are played with and easily triggered by events. Some people develop the strategy not to be too happy or satisfied only because they want to be cautious enough – this is, of course, not impartiality.
Impartiality is wisdom, not a strategy of self-protection. It is the deep realization that life is one complete state and not made of fragmented events. In impartiality we understand that we need to close our eyes to the constantly changing content. Equal vision is like treating life as a dream: sometimes it’s a nightmare, sometimes a pleasant dream, yet it’s still a dream. To develop this quality, we need to be like the Taoist farmer: to watch life as a continuum and to free ourselves altogether from the continuum, which means to practice non-reactive silence in both pleasure and pain.

Guided Meditation in 3 Steps

First stage: meeting the quality from within, physically and energetically

by Shai Tubali | The Day of Spirit

Second stage: meeting the quality as a Master

by Shai Tubali | The Day of Spirit

Third stage: applying impartiality to a daily life

by Shai Tubali | The Day of Spirit