The Big

Chakra Test

How freely is my life-energy flowing?

How to do the test:

1. Click on each question to see the possible answers.

2. Take a piece of paper and write down your letter of your answer.

3. Check your inbox: You will get an email with a detailed evaluation of your answers.

1st Chakra

1. How would you describe your ability to maintain good and continuous livelihood, stable job, healthy routine patterns and a solid family foundation or other interpersonal relationships?

2. Describe your emotional solidity and balance in the face of crises and dramatic endings, such as separation from loved ones, divorce, dismissal from a job and death?

3. Rate the level of your daily mental worries and concerns. How many worries and concerns throughout the day – such as 'What might happen in this or that? How will I get through this or that? How can I manage to make sure that things that should happen will happen and how can I avoid the pain of the things that shouldn't happen?'?

4. Describe your attitude and feelings towards your own physical death.

5. Choose your most accurate life experience.

2nd Chakra

1. Rate the level of your obsession, addiction and neediness regarding food (too much food, sweets, junk foods) or sex (pornography, masturbation, ejaculations and orgasms). Please include in this rating also your obsessive and addictive thoughts.

2. Rate the level of your joy of living – is it low (morning depression, wanting to stay in bed, fatigue, dullness and a general 'turned off' feeling) or high (excitement from life, love of life and a ceaseless drive to live and experiment)?

3. Rate the level of your life-force energy – is it low (chronic fatigue, weakness, dragging oneself from one place to another) or high (bubbling energy and an abundant sense of vigor)?

4. Rate the level of your creative urge – is it low (no creative urge, no new ideas and creative initiatives) or high (inexhaustible creative urge, endless new ideas and initiatives)?

5. Try to imagine: if there were no good and bad, no should and shouldn't, no laws and social limitations, how different would your life have been than your present way of living?

3rd Chakra

1. Rate the level of your daily anger – is it very low (almost an absence of anger both in thoughts and in behavior) or very high (outbursts of all-consuming rage)?

2. How much can you see yourself in one of these two characteristics: a. a tendency to be over-doing and over-achieving, always having to do something and to try to reach some goal. b. feeling incapable of doing anything, lacking in self-discipline and having very little willpower and perseverance.

3. How much can you see yourself in one of these two characteristics: a. I'm easily and powerfully affected by any passing emotion such as fear, worry or desire. b. I ignore my feelings – I have no time for them.

4. How much can you see yourself in one of these two characteristics: a. I'm easily influenced and persuaded by strong people with strong minds, and I'm intimidated by powerful authorities. b. I'm so convinced about my belief system, that nobody can ever influence me or change my mind.

5. How much can you see yourself in one of these two characteristics: a. I am extremely critical, judgmental, domineering and impatient with other people. b. I am really concerned about how others think of me and I do my best to conform to their good judgment.

4th Chakra

1. How easy is it for you to maintain a lasting, stable and deep relationship of romantic love, even in the face of challenging and demanding crises which sometimes accompany it?

2. How do you feel in moments of profound and vulnerable intimacy, when it seems like you can be seen completely by the other and that you can also see the other completely?

3. Rate the degree of your self-contentment – how deeply do you feel complete in yourself? Do you feel that you don't need the other's love and appreciation or do you feel that you always need the affirmation from those around you that you are loved and appreciated? Do you share love with no demands or carry within you many frustrated expectations?

4. What happens when someone abandons you or 'betrays' your trust in any way?

5. How easy is it for you to serve others abundantly, without thinking of yourself and of your own needs even for a brief moment?

5th Chakra

1. Estimate your ability to manifest and to realize creative urges, initiatives and ideas. How much are you able to thoroughly follow the process of manifestation, without doubts, fears, hesitations and procrastination?

2. How much can you identify yourself in one of these two characteristic: a. I'm a chatty person, who likes to gossip and very often tends to ceaselessly speak without paying too much attention to the other's need. b. I'm a silent person, who finds it very hard to speak out, so often I simply withdraw into a protective bunker.

3. How much are you capable of voicing unpopular opinions and points of view? Are you usually capable of saying them, even when this endangers your status and popularity, or do you often avoid it in the effort to maintain harmony and status?

4. Estimate how much your real self is known to the world. Is what you really are fully presented to the outside world or is there a division between what people see as your display window and what you actually are – what you feel and what you know deep inside.

5. How easily and clearly can you express your inner ideas, feelings and experiences to others? 

6th Chakra

1. Rate the level of your daily mental activity. Do you possess a silent, still and calm mind, or are your thoughts swirling around, restless, contradictory and in a constant inner quarrel?

2. How easily can you sit for an uninterrupted silent meditation of one hour?

3. How easily and clearly can you focus on one thing for a long time – for example, at work, while listening to a lecture or in other kinds of activities?

4. Describe the process of your decision-making. How easily can you tell what's right and what's wrong? How do you tend to handle this process in general?

5. How easily can you fathom complex philosophical ideas which are clearly beyond your present capacity of understanding? How do you approach a higher level of complexity?

7th Chakra

1. How much are you attracted towards reaching broader and limitless states of consciousness?

2. Describe your connection to God (the source of all-life).

3. Rate your level of affinity with this sentence: 'The meditative state is the only bliss one can ever realize and fulfill'.

4. How easily is it for you in mediation to leave the whole world behind, including all thought forms, and to dissolve your ordinary self?

5. What do you think of enlightened masters and teachers of enlightenment?

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