Thursday – The Day of Love

Developing the quality

of devotion


Devotion is a “feminine” fourth Chakra quality. Devotion is the one quality separates a simple action from action as a total spiritual practice and expression. With devotion, every simple act becomes spiritual. Without devotion, every act, even a spiritual practice, become mundane. The amazing thing about devotion is that with this quality we learn the greatest lesson of life – that we are to give ourselves away, not to take.
Thus, devotion is a quality that hints more than any other at the true meaning and purpose of life. To develop this quality, we need to activate the heart before and while in action through intention, physical attention and reminding ourselves the context of what we do and why we do it.

Guided Meditation in 3 Steps

First stage: meeting the quality from within, physically and energetically

by Shai Tubali | Day of Love

Second stage: meeting the quality as a Master

by Shai Tubali | Day of Love

Third stage: applying devotion to a daily life

by Shai Tubali | Day of Love

Practice devotion in real-life:



  • When you wake up in the morning, devote your day through intention and prayer to something greater than yourself.
  • While in action, try to play with your attention – bring it to a higher percentage, or add the heart to it.
  • Physically, put your attention in the chest area, or imagine that you are headless and watching and perceiving everything from the heart’s eyes.
  • Try the practice of “being breathed” as a constant reminder of belonging to something greater than yourself.
  • Look for inspiring beings who devoted themselves to causes greater than themselves – Mother Teresa, William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Jesus.
  • Listen to devotional songs and mantras that can awaken this element within your heart.