Tuesday – The Day of Joy

Developing the Quality

of Humor


Humor is a “feminine” second Chakra quality. Humor is instant liberation: an immediate release from the very pattern of human thought and emotion. Humor is also
a source of great power. It nourishes and supports all other qualities by adding ease and joy to all human processes. It is not different from declaring “I am present and willing to face life”.

Seen in the deepest way, humor is a divine quality which frees us to such a degree that we can meet from a transcendent state whatever comes our way. Only a free being can laugh. It is easy and fun to develop this quality – but it is developed and not just momentarily releases only if we apply it when least expected; at times of great difficulty and distress, when the over-seriousness of thought and emotion threatens to overwhelm us.

Guided Meditation in 3 Steps

First stage: meeting the quality from within, physically and energetically

by Shai Tubali | Day of Joy

Second stage: meeting the quality as a Master

by Shai Tubali | Day of Joy

Third stage: applying humor to a daily life

by Shai Tubali | Day of Joy

Practice Humor in real-life:



  • An excellent way to change the whole pattern of your day is to smile even
    artificially widely as soon as you wake up and to let this smile spread from head to toe.
  • Try the meditation laughter even for five minutes a day.
  • Watch wild comedies which completely distort the seriousness of reality.
  • If you become over-serious, try this: go to the mirror and look at your dramatic
    expression. Sometimes seeing oneself from the outside is a funny wake-up call.
  • Try to spend time also with lighthearted people, if you have the tendency to wallow in over-seriousness.