Wednesday – The Day of Power

Developing the Quality

of Independence


Independence is a “masculine” third Chakra quality. It is when we are not waiting for anyone in this world or outside this world to do our work. We understand that the one we are waiting for is us. For this reason, independence can also be thought as self-reliance, or self-responsibility. Independence does not mean shutting down our capacity to be influenced, inspired or even helped.

It only means that at the core of ourselves, we understand that even if we get helped, this is still our work to respond to it and to change. Nothing, not even God’s grace, can change us if we are not fully there, as autonomous beings. To develop this quality, we need to accept in the deepest way that we are alone; there is no one around to blame or to turn our hopes to, and so we must stop waiting for whatever it is that could make us happy, fulfilled or enlightened.

Guided Meditation in 3 Steps

First stage: meeting the quality from within, physically and energetically

by Shai Tubali | Day of Power

Second stage: meeting the quality as a Master

by Shai Tubali | Day of Power

Third stage: applying independence to a daily life

by Shai Tubali | Day of Power

Practice Independence in real-life:



  • Choose a big question of life – like “What is beyond death?”, “What is the meaning of Life?”, or “What is God?” – and be determined to find an answer of your own within a month.
  • Watch movies about independent individuals who decided for themselves even against a strong opposition, like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or Jesus.
  • Read the texts of Jiddu Krishnamurti or Osho – both are great awakeners of the revolutionary in you.
  • Use the mantra “I am” or “I want to be free” to separate yourself from the stream of unconsciousness.
  • Take any expectation you have towards someone – and turn it around (“I want him to love him” turns into “I want me to love me” or “I want me to love him”)